Silence – An Islamic Perspective

Silence – An Islamic Perspective

“Silence is gold” we are. In Islam silence is a lot more than gold. There is a recognized saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) about the price of keeping silent:

Mufti Menk
“Salat (prayer) could be the main pillar of Islam, however remaining silent is best.
Sadaqa (charity) will extinguish the anger of Allah, however remaining silent is better.
Sawm (fasting) is often a shield up against the fire of hell, however remaining silent is way better.
Jihad (holy war) occupies a higher position within the deen of Allah, however remaining silent is much better.”

A person’s experiences tranquility by reducing four of his innate habits: Socializing, eating, sleeping and talking much. Islam puts much focus on controlling one’s tongue. Speech is one of the inlets on the spiritual heart. Generally useless talk is nearly all of that which you utter. It’s whatever is said with little thought much less purpose. Surprisingly even speaking about religion can fall into this category. Many Muslims mention God and Islam without right knowledge.

As for every day’s conversations, they all are about arguing, backbiting, debating, and lying. Such speech doesn’t have value, or rather bears uncomfortable side effects for this brings nothing but distraction using the trivial.

On the other hand beneficial speech as outlined by Islamic teachings is whatever is wholesome and constructive. Commenting on public our life is not considered spiritually harmful however only when our lips are sealed regarding the ordinary that beneficial speech becomes illumined. Excessive talking could be a serious threat to one’s soul. The tongue includes a privilege that other organs of the body tend not to, and that’s to note Allah’s name and remember Him audibly. The essential cure to excessive talking based on Scholars is thru constant remembrance of Allah.

We have often been taught to consentrate before we talk however, this aptitude has been lost over the years. As it will not be very easy to spend every moment remembering Allah, it can be part of the spiritual training to strive towards keeping one’s tongue moist with dhikrullah (remembrance of Allah). After much remembrance together with the tongue (some express it takes years), it might be natural for some to stay in constant contemplation and remembrance of The One, Allah. Silence in Islam, is just Salvation.

Mufti Menk


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